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This is a highly accurate method of remotely capturing data in 3d. With this process we can capture richer precise data which allows 2 or 3d drawings, ortho-images and movies to be produced. We use it specifically for all measured building survey plans and elevations, but also for heritage site analysis, archaeology and geological formations, 3d modelling of structures and mechanical services. We use a range of scanners to meet the individual requirements of each project which vary from small structures to large buildings, bridges, cave systems or cliffs and highways.

What are the benefits to clients?


Complex environments are captured faster than alternative techniques. No return visits due to completeness of data capture.


From sub-millimetre on small object scans to 5-10mm on objects at distances up to 250m. Site Access and safety. As a remote observation instrument site access may only be needed once, or possibly not at all.


As a complete snapshot of a given site/object the data provides an invaluable archive for future exploitation.


3d Point Cloud databases for use in AutoCAD or other software. Finished 2d plans, elevations and sections. Fully or partially rendered 3d models and fly throughs.